The Universal Nomenclature Convention is a series of protocols and rules followed by the Supreme Academy of Sciences and Discoveries when defining and naming dimensional space. It was created in 12/4/23 by Hansell Erkelmord once the fifth dimensional plane was discovered.

UNC Process

The Universal Nomenclature Convention operates as follows:

  1. All dimension names must begin with 'D-' as a prefix.
  2. The first digit is the type number, describing the type of dimension discovered.
    • 1 for divine dimensions.
    • 2 for common dimensions.
    • 3 for regular dimensions.
    • 4 for explanar dimensions.
    • 5 for tersed dimensions.
    • Higher numbers represent unique characteristics that have not yet been defined. All dimensions sharing said characteristics will use the same number until a new classification term is established.
  3. The first letter is the descriptor character, defining the main dimensional cosmos, as per the rules of Analog Dimensionry.
  4. The second digit is the Tersing number, defining Tersing potential within the dimension.
  5. The third digit (if present) represents the number of dimensional analogue within the main dimensional cosmos of the defined dimension. These digits must always be super-scripted.

All dimensional nomenclature depends on the dimensional characteristics themselves, resulting in non-static names. Updated dimensional definitions are published every 5 rotations by the SASD.