Georg Asmudnan was a politician, military servicemen, and president of the United Sol Republics who served from 11/1/10 to 12/6/44 under the Terran Reclamation Party. His administration is characterised for the creation of the Supreme Academy of Sciences and Discoveries in 11/3/42, and the development of the USR into a Soros-class civilisation. He became president after winning the 11/1/1 elections, taking office 10 days later in the administrative capital, Earth.

Asmudnan was heavily criticised during his first term in office, facing political opposition from the Terran Worker's Party and the Solar Consortium due to differences in executive ideology. The administration responded by launching a 'Pursuit of Science' campaign, gaining a favourable position in the polls prior to the 11/5/10 legislative elections. Due to his newly gained popularity, the TRP obtained 34 additional seats in the Chamber of Nations, and another 13 in the General Assembly, representing a 53% of the total vote. With the support of both the Chamber and the Assembly, Asmudnan founded the SASD, expanded the Terran Space Program, and created the Planetary Defense Protocol.