Dimensions are areas of the cosmos in which space is present, fulfilling the minimum prerequisite for the existence of physical objects. They are created and destroyed through the Fundamental Processes of the Cosmos, some of which can be influenced within a dimension itself. Intersion plays a large role in the definition of each dimension, giving it its name and class, as per the rules of the Universal Nomenclature Convention.

Dimensions are separated in 5 categories: divine, common, regular, explanar, and tersed.

Divine Dimensions

Divine dimensions are those closest to the Mürber Coordinate without entering the Mürber Zone, giving them a fundamental inflow of Tersing energy.

Known Divine Dimensions

  • D-1a1 (Nu'ur)
  • D-1a2
  • D-1a3 (Erkelmord)
  • D-1a5 (Ix'tambe)
    • D-1a51
    • D-1a52
  • D-1a6

Common Dimensions

Common dimensions are the middle ground between divine and living beings. These dimensions are stable enough for both actors to exist simultaneously within the plane.

Known Common Dimensions

  • D-2a1
  • D-2a3
  • D-2b1
    • D-2b12
  • D-2b2
  • D-2b3
  • D-2b5
    • D-2b51
    • D-2b53
  • D-2c1

Regular Dimensions

Regular dimensions are those in which living beings reside. These dimensions are the most stable, do not have a harsh environment, and contain just enough Tersing energy for a Genesis Process to occur, but not a divination one.

Known Regular Dimensions

  • D-3a2
  • D-3b1
  • D-3b2
  • D-3b3
  • D-3c1
  • D-3d2
  • D-3d3

Explanar Dimensions

Explanar dimensions are warped dimensions in which corrupt Tersing energy is absorbed and destroyed. These dimensions are the last step in the Tersing Process, and thus contain Tersing Horrors, Indimensionals, and Arpelar Constructs.

Known Explanar Dimensions

Tersed Dimensions

Tersed dimensions are those present within the Mürber Zone, resulting in a negative flow of Tersing energy. Tersed dimensions are responsible for the production of Tersing energy, which upon creation is leaked into the dimensional space surrounding the Mürber Zone through multiple, short-lived waning rifts. This process is what gives divine dimensions their innate power.

Known Tersed Dimensions